Technical and expert translations

Translations Since 1984, we have provided technical and expert translations in more than 70 languages. We guarantee you high-quality, meticulous translations at a reasonable price.

An extensive network of expert translators

Translators Our database contains more than one thousand professional translators and native speakers who specialise in various areas of expertise. We do not just have your technical text translated by a linguist who has no knowledge of the relevant specialist field.

Stylistic and linguistic proofreading

Proofreading Each translated text is meticulously proofread by our professional proofreaders, who check the style and language of the texts. As such, your text will be perfectly prepared for publication and will attract the interest of readers thanks to its content, style and readability.

Computer aided translation (CAT)

Fuzzy logic Computer aided translation makes use of a translation memory, fuzzy logic and terminology management to guarantee high-quality and consistent translations. Transit CAT software helps you to save costs and increase the effectiveness of the translation process. We have used this software for 25 years and we also sell licences for it.

Interpreting services

Interpreting We provide extensive interpreting services for your business meetings, business trips or conferences. We can also secure local interpreters abroad, thus saving you accommodation, travel and meal costs.


References We have provided numerous companies with translations for over 20 years. Please view our reference list of customers.

In today's world, information and the ways of presenting it are the main keys to success. The STAR Group helps clients pass on information suitably and efficiently in any language, in any country. We help clients conveniently and efficiently formulate, manage, translate and publish information, enabling them to achieve success in their target markets.

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