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SPIDER – automated document publishing

Easy publishing

  • Do you need to obtain products in multiple formats from a single data source?
  • Do you need to publish CDs and printed media simultaneously?
  • Do you work in European and Asian languages?
  • Can you put all these activities together within a single system?

Why automated publishing?

As the demand for publishing in various formats is currently rising, easier and automated processing plays a key role in continuous production.

SPIDER offers automated publishing of SGML or XML data. The SPIDER technology allows for continuous updating of information and transfer to various media. SPIDER is a highly efficient solution which extends publishing possibilities and turnover, reduces costs and improves the quality of the result.

Key benefits of SPIDER

  • SPIDER enables your copywriters to focus entirely on their primary task – creative thinking.
  • Production is faster thanks to a single supplier system.
  • The quality is higher thanks to centralized data – one data pool brings many benefits.
  • Information is stored unformatted. Suitable formatting is added only when needed.

The SPIDER technology is available in 3 configurations, all of them using the same content database (SGML or XML, according to your choice) and based on the principle of a single source:

  • SPIDER tool for paging
  • SPIDER CD-ROM tool
  • SPIDER web tool

The link to SPIDER international website:



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