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STAR James: workflow automation

STAR James, a system for the automation of routine project management processes, is suitable for translation and localization projects involving hundreds of thousands or even millions of words. The system is able to partly replace a project manager and perform routing processes for him or her. The project manager supervises processes managed by STAR James. Standardized processes of translation memory and terminology administration, file preparation, assigning translations to translators, accepting the completed project, export into the source format, delivering the project to the customer, and billing? these are all processes that can be partly or fully automated. Your projects will be enhanced to a higher level of efficiency and your project managers will be capable of administering a volume of projects several times larger.

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TransitNXT training in Praha

TransitNXT training will take place in Praha on  5th of September 2018, 15:00-17:00.

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TransitNXT training in Brno

TransitNXT training will take place in Ostrava on  20th. of September 2018, 10:00-12:30.

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STAR Czech at st. Jerome´s Days

STAR Czech will be present at annual event st. Jerome´s Days. You can find us in room nr. 15 for eventual consultation.

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TransitNXT training in Ostrava

TransitNXT training will take place in Ostrava on  13th. of March 2017, 11:30-13:30.

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